Wednesday, August 5, 2015

MLGW Special Reconnect Program Update

MLGW’s Special Reconnect Program for residential customers is still in progress. Residential customers, who are currently without one or more utility services, can pay $250 plus a reconnect fee toward their outstanding balance to re-establish utility service.

Since the program was activated two and a half weeks ago, 444 customers have taken advantage of the program. This marks the sixth year that MLGW has provided this program to its customers. 
Residential customers applying for the Special Reconnect Program are required to complete a Hazardous Weather Agreement and enter into a deferred payment plan for their remaining outstanding balances that can range from five to nine months depending on the balance. Eligible customers can bring two forms of identification and payment to one of MLGW’s five community centers:

  • 245 South Main Street
  • 2935 Lamar Avenue
  • 1111 East Shelby Drive
  • 2424 Summer Avenue
  • Millington, 5131 Navy Road
The Special Reconnect Program is separate from MLGW’s weather-related moratorium policy, which is in effect whenever these conditions exist: (a) the forecast heat index will be 100 degrees Fahrenheit or above at any time during a 24-hour period; or (b) the forecast heat index will be 95 degrees Fahrenheit or above at any time in a 24-hour period for customers 60 years of age or older, physically challenged, or customers certified as life-support dependent.

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