Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Sign up for Share the Pennies and Make a Difference

Share the Pennies is a voluntary program sponsored by MIFA and MLGW. The program rounds your monthly utility bill up to the next whole dollar amount and then donates the difference to Project CARE. For example, if your utility bill is $113.80 it will be rounded up to $114.00 and a .20 donation will be added to Project CARE. 

Project CARE is an energy-efficiency program that assists elderly and disabled customers with minor home repairs to reduce energy consumption. Repairs include replacing broken windows, fixing gas or water leaks, replacing AC condensers or furnaces, upgrading attic insulation and other energy-efficiency measures. By donating through Share the Pennies, you make Project CARE possible.

To date, Project CARE has provided over $161,000 in repair work and assisted more than 180 people in the community.

Watch the new Share the Pennies TV spot below, and then please sign up! You can sign up for Share the Pennies online or by calling 901-528-4887. 

Your small change can make a big difference!

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