Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Dig Safe: Call 811 Before You Dig

Planning on digging this spring? Whether it’s excavating, landscaping, gardening, home additions or patios, April is National Safe Digging Month, and we want you to dig safely.

In addition to being prepared for the dangers presented by severe weather in the spring, a little knowledge about natural gas safety is a must. The leading cause of natural gas pipeline accidents – almost 60 percent – is damage from excavation or construction. Many of us are eager and can’t wait to break ground to start outdoor projects such as building fences or planting trees. But do we know what’s under the ground where we plan to dig? Natural gas pipelines and other utility lines weave beneath the surface throughout our community. Major gas pipelines are marked with a yellow caution sign. But secondary lines aren’t as easily identifiable. So don’t risk hitting a gas line, disrupting neighborhood service, and facing potential fines and repair costs. Before you begin digging, remember to contact Tennessee One Call at 811 to request that a professional locating crew mark the underground utility lines on your property.

Make sure you plan ahead. Call 811, Tennessee One Call’s safe-digging hotline, several days before you plan to dig and get your utility lines marked for free. Then allow 72 hours (three business days) for lines to be marked. Always make sure any contractors you hire have had your lines located and marked before you allow them to begin a job that involves digging. Be safe. Call 811 Before You Dig. It’s free and it’s the law! For more details, visit

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