Friday, February 20, 2015

MLGW Responding To Calls About Gas-Like Odor

MLGW has found no gas leaks in its system.

We have received numerous calls from customers about a gas-like odor in their areas. The calls to MLGW’s Emergency Line (528-4465) began early this morning; MLGW technicians have, and will continue to respond to calls, though a backlog has developed.

The odor is likely mercaptan, the additive that gives natural gas its smell. Given the pathway of the odor reports, MLGW suspects that a tanker, carrying mercaptan, may have been leaking as it passed through the area. Surrounding counties have also received reports of an odor.

No gas leaks have been found at any of MLGW’s Gas Gate Stations nor anywhere else in the MLGW system.

MLGW technicians will continue to respond to all calls. There is a large volume of calls and an estimated time of arrival is not available.

If a gas leak is suspected inside the home, customers should call (901) 528-4465 to report it and are urged to vacate until MLGW can inspect the home.

If a gas leak is suspected outside the home, then customers do not have to leave their residence until MLGW arrives.

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