Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Credit Counselor’s customer service praised

On Dec. 10 Jeanette Bethany, Credit Counselor at the Lamar Community Office, received 11 compliments in one day due to her outstanding service. We applaud Jeanette for her excellent customer service and willingness to assist. Some of the commendations she received include:

MLGW services were great. They helped me quickly and calmly. They were nice and productive.

Great service.

Truly thankful for meeting this young lady for helping me with my services today. She is a really special person on the MLGW team.

I really appreciate Ms. Bethany for helping me through my hard times. She is really a big help. Love her.

I love MLGW here.

J. Bethany gave me good service. She is a very nice young lady.

I was treated very nicely and I was pleased with it.

I came into the office and asked for help on my bill. She helped setup a payment arrangement suitable for my income.

I really appreciate my rep today. She is very sweet and had a good attitude. I love her attitude.

She worked and handled my situation very well on my behalf. I had shown effort and willingness to pay. There was an error and she found it and got my lights back on with same day service.

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