Thursday, November 20, 2014

Memphis City Council approves MLGW 2015 Budget

Budget includes third phase of smart meter expansion

The Memphis City Council approved MLGW’s 2015 budget on Tuesday. The $1.7 billion budget will not become final until the approval of the Council minutes on Dec. 2.

MLGW’s 2015 proposed budget included a 2.3 percent water rate increase, resulting from the impending closure of Cargill Inc.’s operations in Memphis. City Council members voted down the proposed water increase which would have resulted in an average increase of $.35 on monthly utility bills.

Highlights of MLGW’s 2015 Budget:

•Implementation of the third phase of the Smart Meter expansion project which includes 50,000 smart meters and supporting infrastructure.

•The addition of 28 employees for infrastructure improvements.

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