Friday, October 10, 2014

MLGW Hero Patrick Jones

It was a stormy Thursday, September 11, 2014, during a heavy rain, when Meter Reader Patrick Jones was routinely reading his route. While in that neighborhood he noticed a lady trapped in her car by fast moving flood waters.

The water had quickly accumulated inside Patricia Nelms’ vehicle and had risen around her shoulders as she sat stranded in the driver’s seat.

Without hesitation, Patrick rushed into the cold water to set her free her from the flood waters.

The closer Patrick got to her car, he realized she was disabled and unable to walk away, much less wade through the water to safety.

Without hesitation, Patrick carefully placed her on his back and carried her to dry ground, saving her from drowning.

Ms. Nelms came to the MLGW Board meeting today to formally thank and honor Patrick Jones for saving her life that rainy day.

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MBH said...

Guys like this who are out in the field are great. They risk their lives and work hard for us. But when mistakes are made and customers have damage caused by MLGW, the claims department says the guys in the field are "not qualified" to say why damage occurred or who is responsible. Too bad claims doesn't follow the same ethics that the field guys do.

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