Wednesday, May 14, 2014

MLGW President/CEO Jerry R. Collins Jr. Regarding Tree Trimming

Yesterday morning, I personally visited Bartlett Mayor Keith McDonald’s home to assess the tree trimming work that had been done in his backyard. The trees in his yard needed and received very little trimming.

After visiting Mayor McDonald’s yard, I talked with him over the phone and further explained that MLGW and its customers have a joint responsibility regarding the safety of trees coming in contact with (or being too close) to power lines.

To ensure reliable service for our customers, MLGW maintains an ongoing, year-round tree-trimming program. Our contracted crews regularly trim trees that potentially pose a hazard to a power line or obstruct a street light. This policy is in accordance with the current National Electric Safety Code.

It is the responsibility of MLGW customers to make sure that they do not plant trees close to or beneath power lines that would compromise MLGW’s reliability.

It is MLGW’s intent to work with all of our customers as much as possible without negatively impacting safety and electrical reliability. There are even some cases in which MLGW will completely cut down a tree at the property owner's request at no cost to the property owner.

To learn more about our tree trimming policy, click here.


Joe M said...

Your crews butcher the trees to be sure. I had a professional arborist trim my trees, and a few weeks later, your crew took out half the oak tree that was 15 feet away from the power line. Your crew also blocked Park Avenue over night, leaving just a single lane for evening and morning rush hour.

Heather Hall said...

Your crew cut down my 25 year old red maple shade tree one MONTH after they were here trimming the easement. They did NOT have my permission to cut or to be on my property at all. Your claims department has been unprofessional and uninterested in my situation. I find it very unfortunate that a company that I'm FORCED to use refuses to help their customers. You should be ashamed, Mr Jerry Collins, ashamed of your company and the people who work for you.

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