Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Make Springtime a Safe Time

With the upcoming change to nicer, warmer weather, we frequently get severe weather. MLGW wants you and your family to be safe and protected during severe weather outbreaks, so here are a few tips to increase safety:

• Identify the safest place in your home in case of emergency. It might be a closet or bathroom in the middle of your home, away from exterior doors and windows. Go there if you hear severe weather warnings.

• Stock that place with emergency items such as a first aid kit, flashlights, a battery-operated radio or TV, and extra batteries.

• Store bottled water or tap water in sterile containers, enough for several days, two quarts per person per day. Store some non-spoilable food items that don’t require heating, as well as a can opener.

• Include a whistle or similar device to alert emergency personnel in case of rescue efforts.

• Store a supply of necessary prescription medicines.

Safety tips when severe weather strikes:

• Never approach or touch downed power lines. If a power line falls on your car, remain inside until help arrives.

• Know how to turn off your gas, electricity and water in case the lines are damaged.

• If you smell gas, do not turn on lights or electric appliances and don’t use any phones.

• If you smell gas after severe weather, leave the building immediately. Go to a safe place and call MLGW. Do not go back into your home until MLGW says it is safe to do so.

• If you use a portable generator, do not operate it inside your home due to carbon monoxide danger. Also, do not plug it into a wall outlet to power your home; that can cause a dangerous fire hazard.

• Should you have downed wires, gas leaks or a broken water main, call MLGW’s 24-hour, emergency only hotline at 528-4465.

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