Thursday, March 27, 2014

Relaxed Payment Plan Ends March 28

More than 6,400 customers helped

MLGW will end its relaxed deferred payment plan (DEFB) on Friday, March 28.

To date, 6,530 residential customers' services have not been disconnected since the relaxed requirements were activated on January 27; the total amount of DEFBs approved exceeds $5.4 million. The average amount of an approved DEFB is $821 per customer.

The relaxed rules lowered the requirement for a deferred payment plan to bills that are $250 or more, which is down from $500 or more. Customers were allowed to pay 25 percent of the money owed or $250, whichever was less.

“We are pleased that so many of our customers took advantage of the program and now they can better manage the high bills from one of the coldest winters in years,” said Jerry R. Collins Jr., MLGW President and CEO. “Whenever we have the opportunity to help our customers, it’s always the right thing to do.”

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