Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Smart Talk: Smart meter helps save customer’s home from fire

In a community outside of Chattanooga, TN, a voltage anomaly alert was detected by the local utility’s smart meter system and a lineman was promptly sent to the home, discovered a fire and put it out. A report from the Chattanooga Times Free Press websitestates EPB lineman Daniel Massengale investigated the alert and found a fire in the bushes next to the back door of the home of Tom and Sandy Hughes. The fire started when wires connecting the home to power lines came loose over time and arced. Thankfully, Massengale was able to contain and extinguish the fire.

The Hughes’ were not at home at the time of the incident and after learning about the event heralded Massengale as a hero. The couple was also glad they had a change of heart about smart meters. “I was pretty well shocked, because in the beginning, whenever they were putting the smart meters down through here, I would not let them put it on my house,” Tom Hughes told the Chattanooga Times Free Press. It is likely that without the smart meter, the fire would have gone undetected and would have caused serious damage to the home.

Soon, MLGW will have similar smart meter technology system-wide and the capability to detect problems, like voltage anomalies, when they occur.

To read the Chattanooga Times Free Press article, go to

For more information about smart meters at MLGW, go to


Tom said...

Nice try MLGW. Unnamed community, generic names. Why don't you tell your customers to Google "Smart Meter Fire" and see how many hits they get compared to the number of stories where the smart meter saved the day. Citizens, don't trust these folks, ask your local Fire Chief. The dangers are immense! They're just railroading you because they're getting hundreds of millions of Federal dollars to push this crap. Email me if you'd like more info.

Julian Barter said...

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