Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Relaxed Payment Plan Extended Until March 28

More than 2,800 customers helped.

We are extending our relaxed deferred payment plan (DEFB) until March 28.

To date, 2,895 residential customers' services have not been disconnected since the relaxed requirements were activated on January 27; the total amount of DEFBs approved exceeds $2,238,000. The average amount of an approved DEFB is $733.

The relaxed rules lower the requirement for a deferred payment plan to bills that are $250 or more, which is down from $500 or more. Customers will be allowed to pay 25 percent of the money owed or $250, whichever is less. 

These payments can be made in person by cashier’s check, money order or in cash:
• Main Office - 245 South Main Street
• North Community Office - 2424 Summer Avenue
• Whitehaven Community Office - 1111 East Shelby Drive
Millington Community Office - 5131 Navy Road

If the resulting DEFB payment exceeds $500 a month, the DEFB can be set up over a longer period not to exceed nine months, with approval, which is an increase from the limit of five months under the current policy.

Note: Our newly-renovated Whitehaven Community office on Shelby Drive will re-open on Thursday, Feb. 20. Our South Community office on Lamar will close temporarily for renovations at the close of business, Wednesday, Feb. 19

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