Friday, February 21, 2014


MLGW honored four employees at the public Board of Commissioners Meeting yesterday for their exemplary acts of bravery

Three employees of Gas Distribution (
Dustin JohnsonKeith Dollahite & Bin Holland) were working in East Memphis one morning when they came upon a home that was on fire. They witnessed a women attempting to pull her husband from the fire unsuccessfully. All three climbed a fence and gave assistance to carry the gentleman to safety along with his wife. Their quick actions saved this gentleman’s life and kept his wife from harm as well. 

One Meter Reading employee, Rodeny Thompson, was on site at approximately 12:30 p.m. on a very hot, humid day to read the meters. When he went into the backyard he found a senior resident lying on the ground. She said that she had fallen about 8 a.m. that morning and couldn’t get up, thinking she had broken her hip. Quickly, Thompson went for help next door to call 9-1-1. Other than being overwhelmed by the heat and quite thirsty, she appeared to be alright. She was given water while waiting for medical assistance.

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