Friday, October 24, 2014

Winter Moratorium Deadline is November 15th

The November 15 deadline is approaching for customers to apply for MLGW's Winter Moratorium for Seniors. The program ensures uninterrupted service from December-February for participating senior (60+) and physically-challenged customers.

The Winter Moratorium for Seniors has been in place for more than two decades and prevents cutoffs for registered customers during the months of December, January and February. Participants are still responsible for paying their utility bills during this time, but in the event that the bill exceeds the customer’s means, the customer will not be disconnected. If there is a balance left at the end of the February billing cycle, registered customers may qualify for a short-term payment plan.

There are no income restrictions for the Winter Moratorium program; the deadline for application is November 15. Applicants must resolve any outstanding balance over $199 on their utility bill by the close of business on November 30. Fill out the application and mail to:

Credit Operations
Memphis Light, Gas and Water Division
P.O. Box 430
Memphis, TN 38101-0430

Applications are also available at the Aging Commission, Meritan, MIFA, MLGW Community Offices, or by calling 544-MLGW. You can also download the Winter Moratorium for Seniors application at


Utility service must be listed in the name of the elderly and/or handicapped person. If qualification is to be based on age, proof of such is required (example, driver's license).

If qualification is to be based on disability, proof of such is required (example medical statement from the physician).

Past due amounts must be paid down to $199 by the close of business on November 30.

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