Thursday, October 24, 2013

Got Gas? Be Safe!

When cold weather arrives, home heating and natural gas safety become very important. Natural gas is safe and efficient when used correctly. Natural gas flames should burn steady and blue.

• Yellow-orange tipped, dancing, “hissing” or shapeless flames are signs of incomplete combustion on your gas stove, furnace or water heater. Call a qualified appliance repairman.

• Never heat your home with a gas stove; that’s a fire and carbon monoxide hazard.

If you smell a gas leak:

• Evacuate the area immediately.

• Do not smoke, or use anything that produces an open flame or spark.

• Do not operate electrical or battery-powered equipment, light switches, flashlights or any phones. A spark could cause an explosion.

• Call MLGW’s emergency-only line, 528-4465, from a phone away from the building or leak area. Don’t return until MLGW says it’s okay.

• If you smell gas outdoors or suspect a pipeline leak, call 528-4465.

Carbon monoxide (CO), caused by incomplete combustion, is odorless and causes nausea, headaches, dizziness and fatigue. If you suspect exposure, seek medical help immediately. Have natural gas appliances inspected and serviced annually, and make sure they are properly vented.
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