Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Celebrate the Plus-1 Sabbath

Faith communities in Memphis and Shelby County are learning the powerful possibilities of joining together to help our neighbors. In this spirit, we invite you and your congregation to participate in an unprecedented celebration of the power of working together through MIFA’s Plus-1 Sabbath.

Plus-1 allows customers to help families in crisis keep their utilities on by adding $1 or more to their monthly utility bills. MLGW retains none of these funds, all of which are used by MIFA to assist Plus-1 recipients. Currently more than 11,000 customers support Plus-1, which helped more than 1,200 families in 2012. But the need is enormous, and with your help we could do so much more.

Nov. 22-24, 2013, we are asking Memphis and Shelby County faith communities to promote Plus-1 by joining together to help more families in need. If every MLGW customer gave $1 a month to Plus-1, we could help more than 20,000 families. Emergencies can happen to any family, and Plus-1 can help the initial job loss, serious illness or other disasters from proliferating into more.

Here’s what we are asking congregations to do:

• Promote the Plus-1 Sabbath in your print or electronic communications well in advance of the date.

• In your services during Nov. 22-24, ask members of your congregation for their support.

• Make Mission or Outreach volunteers available at a Plus-1 station to pass out sign-up cards and answer questions. MIFA and MLGW will supply sign-up cards and marketing material.

To help with the Plus-1 Sabbath, please sign up online at www.mifa.org/plus-1sabbath or contact Linda Marks at MIFA at (901) 527-0208, ext. 218 or lmarks@mifa.org.

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