Friday, August 9, 2013

MLGW to Host A-Blazing Model Car Race

Event Designed to Encourage Engineering to Local Boy and Girl Scouts

MLGW is partnering with the Boy and Girl Scouts of the Mid-South to host its first ever “A-Blazing Race” on Saturday, August 16. The race, which will be held at the Beale Street Landing Parking Garage Roof Top at 245 South Main Street, will take place from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. The A-Blazing Race promotes MLGW’s interest in  solar energy, but also introduces children to different engineering-related professions.

An essential part of the scouts’ preparation for the race was an MLGW training workshop. The workshop was for any troop or participating child who wanted help or advice with their model cars. The workshop was held at the MLGW Joyce M. Blackmon Training Center and gave the participants a chance to interact with MLGW engineers and professionals. “A big part of the race and training is to make sure the scouts see the engineering profession as something fun,” said Glen Thomas, MLGW Supervisor of Communications and Public Relations. “We want to encourage our youth to be the designers and builders of the future.”

Each participating team started with an MLGW model solar car kit, containing a solar panel and motor to try to put together a winning car. The cars created must be able to race on a 20-meter race course using only the energy from the sun. Although troops were encouraged to work on the design of the car, each team could only consist of four scouts, all in grades 6-8.

Awards will be presented at the end of the race for the participants who come in first, second and third place in the speed category or the design category. All participants will receive a special scout’s badge.

The race is open to the public, and there will be observation tents set up to provide shade. Any observers are encouraged to bring their own chairs, snacks and water, although some water will be provided. Parking is also free for those attending, as long as they park on level 5 of the Beale Street Landing Parking Garage.

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