Monday, April 15, 2013

Harlem Shake, MLGW Style

There’s almost nothing that our Leadership Team and employees wouldn’t do to promote Plus-1, the MIFA-administered program that provides temporary utility assistance to families in need. Man phones for 16 hours as we did for the recent Plus-1 Push Telethon, which raised nearly $50,000! We’ll even jiggle a little Harlem-Shake style, which our Leadership Team did as a challenge to employees to raise funds for Plus-1. Employees raised about $5,810 to meet and exceed that challenge – and true to their word, the Leadership Team shook for families in need. The video debuted at the MLGW Board of Commissioners meeting on April 11. You too can help by donating at

1 comment:

jeremy said...

Grooves makes me wanna dance!


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