Monday, November 5, 2012

We Can Help: Give 365

We Can Help is a feature here at Bird on a Wire where we spotlight a community organization and tell you how you can help.

Meagan Moody is a member of GIVE 365, an organization that is designed to make community giving possible for anyone! Every member pledges $1 a day -$365 a year- and all of the money is combined to create one big fund.

Here's the fun part. The GIVE 365 members then vote on a theme for the year and non-profit groups around Memphis submit grant proposals. The grant review teams choose the top proposals and the entire GIVE 365 group listens to presentations by the non-profit groups. We vote for our top proposals and have a party to announce the grant recipients for the year! GIVE 365 is a great opportunity for Memphians to hear about the wonderful organiZations that are working so hard to improve the city of Memphis and to play an active role in choosing where their monetary gifts go.

Meagan got involved when a good friend told her about the organization. All it took was a quick visit to the website at "Membership is just a few clicks away!" she says.

You can help by joining! Not only will you feel like you're making your city a better place, but you will meet great people and have a lot of fun in the process. Just visit the website or email Ashley Harper ( for more information.

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