Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Superstorm Sandy Restoration: Update!

Our Superstorm Sandy Restoration Team of 33 MLGW employees has made it safely to Long Island, NY.

They arrived Sunday and started restoration on Monday, working 16-hour shifts as they do when we are in emergency restoration mode here in Shelby County.

The crews have been performing tasks such as re-setting poles and power lines, and installing transformers.

The big difference, of course, is that they are hundreds of miles away from home, and due to the lack of lodging space, are sleeping in trailers that have been set up with bunk beds.

Steve Ledford, General Supervisor, Distribution Support, reports that the crews are in good spirits and know that they are part of a nationwide effort to restore power to the residents of the Northeast.

The staging area includes more than 3,000 workers from across the nation! As of this afternoon, the Long Island Power Authority's outage map shows more than 198,000 customers still without power.

Living Quarters

Living Quarters

Crew in good spirits!


Timbo from Mempho said...

No updates in over a week, great coverage!

MLGW said...

Timbo, we posted some new pictures yesterday on our Facebook page. Take a look!

Timbo from Mempho said...

Some folks don't do Facebook.

MLGW said...

Our page is public, so you can see it whether you have an account or not. www.facebook.com/mlgw1. I will get something up in the next few days for our blog only fans.

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