Friday, November 16, 2012

MLGW Crews Return from Long Island Today

MLGW workforce of 33 to Arrive in Memphis this afternoon

Thirty-three MLGW employees are returning home today after assisting Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) restore power in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. The crews spent eight days in Long Island repairing overhead and underground lines and replacing poles and transformers. Utility workers had to endure a second storm that brought snow and wind and caused additional outages.

The MLGW crews worked 16-hour shifts as part of a team of thousands of utility workers from around the nation, and slept in trailers set up with bunk beds due the lack of available lodging space.

Hurricane Sandy knocked out power to nearly one million of LIPA’s 1.1 million customers.

“We at MLGW are proud of our workers, who faced adverse conditions and tremendous damage in restoring power to Long Island residents. These men are a credit to MLGW and Memphis,” said Jerry Collins Jr., MLGW President and CEO

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