Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Idea Night at the Redbirds

Last night was "Idea Night" at AutoZone Park. Fans were asked to give their feedback for next year's season. Ushers handed out paper and pencil during the game for fans to have a chance to share their ideas. Upon exit, compact fluorescent light bulbs from MLGW were handed out as a thank you.

This promotional idea was mentioned as one of the best this year in the minor leagues on!

As a reminder:

--CFLs use about 75 percent less energy than standard bulbs.

--CFLs also last about 10 times longer.

--A single CFL can save more than $40 over its lifetime, compared to a standard bulb.

--Switching to CFLs is a good example of how customers can make small steps that add up to make a significant difference.

--There are disposal techniques that are necessary for CFLs that customers need to keep in mind. CFLs can be disposed of at the Shelby County Hazardous Waste facility, and also at local hardware stores such as Home Depot. Customers can go to to find local disposal outlets.

--More info on CFLs can be found at on our website.

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