Friday, April 8, 2011

MLGW to Complete Storm Restoration Today

MLGW crews this morning are beginning the final stages of restoration following Monday’s storm. Since Monday, MLGW has restored power to 70,000 of 71,000 customers, with remaining customers to be restored today. In terms of damage to MLGW’s system, this storm ranks as the fifth strongest in recent history.

To summarize:

• All outages have been assigned to crews at this point.

• MLGW will retain some crews on standby this weekend.

• Customers still without power should call 544-6500 today to ensure their outage is logged in the system.

• To report an emergency such as downed wires or gas leaks, please call 528-4465.

• MLGW’s Customer Care Center will be open until 11:30 p.m. tonight to take customer calls (544-MLGW).

• Some customers may have damage to their weatherheads. The weatherhead is usually located above the roofline or attached to the gable or side of the house where the customer’s wiring connects to MLGW’s electric lines. The weatherhead is the homeowner's property and therefore is not maintained by MLGW. If it is damaged, a customer must have it repaired by a licensed electrician and inspected by Code Enforcement before MLGW can restore your power. An example of a weatherhead can be found here

• Customers can report streetlight outages at 820-7878 or online here

• MLGW Leased Outdoor Lighting customers can report leased light outages by calling 528-4548 or through MLGW’s online reporting system here (MLGW will need your name, phone number and address.)

• MLGW will continue to update customers today via Twitter and Facebook

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