Thursday, February 17, 2011

Latest JD Power Results

The annual results of the J.D. Power & Associates 2011 Electric Utility Business Customer Satisfaction Study are in. While the headline in the Business Journal reads, "J.D. Power: MLGW scores lowest biz customer satisfaction in South" reflects MLGW's standing among 10 utilities in this region, there were a number of other details that were absent from the article.

This is one of three J.D. Power surveys in which MLGW is included, and surveys only business customers of MLGW. It is a smaller survey than the J.D. Power electric residential survey.

In the survey, the average change in scores from last year to this year for all utilities was a four point decrease in scores. MLGW's score improved by 36 points. As such, we were one of the five most improved utilities in the survey.

MLGW's score was 609. This is 36 points better than our 2010 score of 573 and 77 points better than our 2009 score of 532. Our gas residential and electric residential scores have also increased dramatically over this time period as well. We are continuing to consistently improve our scores year every year.

That said, we are keenly aware that MLGW needs to continue to enhance and improve its services to all of its customers, including the business customers in this particular survey. In an effort to do just that, MLGW provided the following to its business customers in 2010:

* Expanding My Account web tools for businesses and organizations in December 2009 and again in 2010, enabling nearly every business and organization (as well as residential customers) to access utility account information and download billing history. Small- to mid-size businesses and organizations can also utilize bill analysis and energy analysis tools, as can MLGW's residential customers.

* MLGW implemented TVA's Trade Ally Network, which enables contractors to participate in TVA training and program marketing while also enabling potential customers to search easily for contractors online.

* MLGW introduced TVA's Commercial Efficiency Advice & Incentive program, which offers assistance and financial incentives for qualified interior lighting and HVAC improvements to non-residential customers with electric demand greater than 50kW.

* MLGW introduced TVA's Fast Cash for Small Business program, which provides rebates when replacing many of the lighting and HVAC systems commonly-used in small businesses.

* MLGW promoted availability of a new $50 million energy efficiency program offered by Pathway Lending to businesses and qualified non-profits (501c3 and 501c6) seeking loans to finance energy improvements.

* MLGW's grant to the Memphis chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council yielded a $10,000 reward check to Big River Engineering & Manufacturing, for achieving LEED New Construction designation with additional points in the energy and water categories on their new downtown facility.

* MLGW's multi-year administration of the U.S. Department of Energy's Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant awarded to the City of Memphis for residential energy efficiency projects will yield more than 800 energy improvement projects for qualified area contractors.

By no means is MLGW perfect. There is still much work to be done. Our goal is to one day be No. 1 in the J.D. Power survey. We have the resolve to meet that goal.


Anonymous said...

You do understand that MLGW is horrible, right?

Whether it is for businesses or private residences, your company is horrible.

Come on now.

It has been known nationally now for more than a few years.

The gig is up. Your meter readers rarely if ever fully do their job. Your CSA's can barely read or speak coherently and will curse aloud if you ask them all to much in a polite fashion.

One time I had one of your CSA's curse me out over the phone.

Apparently the meter reader did not read my meter and decided that I used over 3500 kwh's in one months time.

The CSA claimed that the meter reader went by my last year's usage, but I did not live in Tennessee last year, and I told them such.

Then, they claimed that the meter reader went by the previous tenant's usage, but there very well could have been more than just the one person living where I do now and I told them such.

Then, they said that Jerry Collins has a list of how much electricity anyone's living quarters should put out according to size and that the meter reader used that. I asked the CSA how would the meter reader know the size of my living quarters in terms of square feet if at all and then I was told to *curse word* myself and the CSA hung up.

Please note that I am a rather patient lady who is actually rather polite. So, the fault would lie with the CSA on all of this in addition to the meter reader.


Please think of cleaning house at your company. Up your hiring standards and make your meter readers abide by a proper code of ethics.

Also. Learn more mathematics. You cannot estimate one's electricity usage if you are a meter reader if you know darned well you have nothing to estimate it on. Come on now. It is not hard to read a meter at all if you try. But if you work under no direct supervision you can guess at it and have the customer be cursed in a vulgar fashion over the phone, right? Cute gig that.

At the rate your company is going, you guys will be reduced to making thing up as you go along even more than you do now.

Think about it.

Only Jerry Collins on down can make the change and that change has to come from within!

MLGW said...

We apologize for your bad experience with us. We're working to improve! You can contact us directly if you have any specific questions or issues.

Anonymous said...

How long will it take for MLGW to improve by now?!

Think about it.

Is it that hard to hire and train qualified people?

How many more years in a row is it that MLGW wants to be ranked dead last for most anything? I researched that and am truly astonished at how horribly ranked MLGW has rated for so very long.

Come on now!

Anyone can methodically plan things out in order to just move out of your service area and call things a day with your company. But, what of the people who cannot? What of the businesses which are put through heck as well?

Run your company into the ground any further and you just will not have a company at all.

So. MLGW will one day contemplate improving its relations with both businesses and residences by when? The year 2020?

Walk your talk MLGW. Spinning things to make it seem that your company does more than it basically ever will is counterproductive as well as cowardly.

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