Friday, January 7, 2011

Sewer Fee Info

While we're at it, MLGW's response to concerns expressed about water and sewer rates was published in yesterday's Commercial Appeal...

Letter: MLGW doesn't set sewer fees

Your Jan. 3 edition included a letter to the editor that addressed water and sewer fees ("Blindsided on water fees"). The writer incorrectly associated Memphis Light, Gas and Water Division with high sewer charges.

The Memphis sewer system is owned and operated by the city of Memphis Division of Public Works. Public Works sets the rates and spends the money as needed to properly operate its sewer system. MLGW simply acts as a billing service for Public Works in respect to sewer fees. On the other hand, potable water rates and services are provided by MLGW and these rates are consistently among the lowest in the country.

MLGW serves as the billing entity, not only for the city's sewer bill, but for several other city services as well, rather than separate bills being sent to customers for each service. MLGW also bills for various services on behalf of the county and suburban governments.

If you see an unusual jump in your water/sewer usage, it's often indicative of a water leak. MLGW customers pay $1.38 per CCF (750 gallons of water). A customer with a $40 water bill would have to use 23,250 gallons of water. To put that in context, an average swimming pool holds about 28,000 gallons. Even something as simple as a leaking toilet can waste more than 200 gallons of water per day.

If you have questions about your water usage, call us at 544-MLGW (544-6549) and we'll investigate. Sewer inquiries should be directed to Public Works at 576-6757.

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