Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Failure to sign Residential Service Agreement could result in cut-offs

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Some MLGW Customers Could Face Cut-offs Due to Implementation of Federal Law

Some MLGW customers could face cut-offs this week if they have not yet complied with federal Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act (FACTA) requirements that states new MLGW customers must provide proof of their identity within a 30-day period or risk having their services disconnected.

The FACTA requirements went into effect January 1, 2011, and mandate that utility providers must properly identify all customers in order to safeguard them from one of the country’s fastest growing crimes – identity theft.

As a result of the new law, MLGW currently has 475 customers facing cutoffs, which are scheduled to begin as early as Wednesday, January 5. The new law ONLY impacts those MLGW customers who began their services during or after October 2010, and who failed to complete and return the proper documentation required for a Residential Service Agreement (RSA) or the General Power Service Agreement (GPSA) as stated in the service agreement between the customer and MLGW.

The RSA and GPSA require all new residential customers, sole proprietors and general partnerships to provide two forms of identification, one of which must be discernable picture identification. Acceptable forms of identification include:

• A valid driver’s license
• Tennessee Driver’s Certificate
• Official State ID Card (Issued by State in place of Driver’s License)
• Federal ID Card (passport/visa, alien registration card, military ID card)
• Voter’s registration card
• Social Security Card
• Certified copy of Birth Certificate
• IRS individual Taxpayer ID Number Card

FACTA is a measure designed to protect American consumers while in the routine business of establishing or obtaining credit in the market place, and has spurred MLGW to make credit policy updates to better protect its customers.

“There are more than nine million identities stolen in the United States every year, mostly for purposes of fraud,” said Jerry Collins, MLGW President and CEO. “MLGW does not want a single customer to be defrauded as a result of identity theft and has procedures in place designed to stop anyone who might be seeking to steal your identity.”

Please note that if you are already an established, properly documented customer of MLGW, you need not take any further action at this time. However, if you alter your services in the future, you may be asked to update your identification as a protective measure for you.

To find out more about MLGW’s credit policy and procedures you can examine the MLGW Customer Care Policy on our Web site, www.mlgw.com. If you have any questions about your bill, call 544-MLGW (6549). To stop, start, transfer service, or to report service maintenance, call 820-7878 or visit any of our community business offices. Commercial customers should call the MLGW Commercial Resource Center, 528-4270. Or visit an MLGW Community Business Office.

MLGW is the largest three-service public power utility in the nation, serving more than 420,000 customers in Memphis and Shelby County.


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