Thursday, December 9, 2010

Smart Grid Update

Our Smart Grid Demonstration participants are ringing in the New Year with new electric smart meters and information to help them learn about energy usage and savings.

We installed most of the 1,000 smart meters over a four-week period in November and December. In-Home Displays (IHDs) were delivered to 500 participants, enabling those customers to see their electricity information in real time. The IHD has eight screens to provide details about electricity usage, trends and costs. Customers may choose to locate the IHD on a table, counter or wall as a visual reminder to monitor energy usage.

One component of the Smart Grid Demonstration remains – a new set of tools for our popular My Account website. The new tools, which will debut by January 31, allow participants to view and track time-stamped electricity use, their projected electric bill and other information. We will update the web information daily.

Throughout 2011, our Smart Grid pioneers will receive customized communications and participate in surveys to help MLGW evaluate the energy-efficiency benefits of Smart Grid. Visit to learn more.

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