Monday, December 27, 2010


In the good news department, Grizzlies All-Star power forward, Zach Randolph is paying the utility bills of 100 families again this year. Read more about his (and others') generosity in the Commercial Appeal.

In the not-so-good news department, The Daily News is reporting that the Tennessee Valley Authority set a new December peak demand record for power as the temperature dropped in the region. "The Dec. 14 record of 31,436 megawatts came at 8 a.m. as temperatures were below freezing. It was also the highest winter peak recorded by TVA since Jan. 16, 2009. TVA consumers will see the impact of the usage in the next utility bill."

In the bet-you-didn't-know-it department, is attributing college kids' extended winter breaks to high heating costs. (The long breaks were instituted in the 70s.)

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