Friday, November 19, 2010

New Carbon Footprint Calculator

We recently introduced a new carbon footprint calculator on our website to help you measure and find ways to reduce your environmental impact.

To access, login to My Account and click the "live green/reduce your footprint" panel in the upper right of the dashboard. The application imports answers and billing history from other parts of My Account, so you simply need to verify data and then answer the additional questions in the Profile, Energy & Water, Transportation and Waste sections. As you complete each section, the bar chart on the right adjusts to show your footprint, which is measured in tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions per year.

Then, use the Actions page to select from a variety of changes you can make to reduce your footprint. Click the Report link to see which of these Actions has the greatest impact so you know where to focus your attention.

Customers who have not signed up for My Account can access the carbon footprint calculator through the residential Energy Saving Calculators section of our website--but you'll have to enter all your data using that method, so it's much better to register and use My Account!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hah. Main thing is don't have children, or have 2 or fewer. A nobrainer, but then...where do I live?

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