Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Going Paperless: My Account

Save paper and postage by “going paperless” to view and pay your MLGW utility bill. It’s quick, easy and it’s good for the environment.

To enroll in paperless eBilling, go to the “My Account” page at and set up an account. Each month, you’ll receive an e-mailed reminder and can login to view your bill, then pay online or through any other method. Those already using My Account can switch to eBilling under the My User Profile link.

My Account users will notice a few recent changes.

• Click My Bills or Pay Bill (now a graphic button in the Account Balance section) to view and pay your MLGW bill.

• The Residential Dashboard includes links for Bill History (details about your utility bills) and Bill Analysis (why your bills may vary).

• Use the Go button to access the Carbon Footprint Calculator, which shows the environmental impact of your energy, water, transportation and recycling actions. You’ll find links to it on the Dashboard, Home Energy Center and Learn About Energy pages.

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