Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Generation Partners

The White House has announced plans to install solar generation (photovoltaics, also called PV) and solar water heating at the White House.

From the press release: "These two solar installations will be part of a Department of Energy demonstration project showing that American solar technologies are available, reliable, and ready for installation in homes throughout the country."

If you are interested in installing your own solar panels, you can join TVA's Generation Partners program, which pays you for each kilowatt-hour of green power you generate. Generation Partners does not include solar water heating. However, Federal Tax Credits cover both PV and solar water heating. At 30% of installed costs, these credits expire in 2016, so they are separate from the list of other energy improvement credits that expire on 12/31/2010. (Learn the details about the tax credits at

MLGW has two residential customers currently participating in Generation Partners, plus two more with solar arrays under construction. Several businesses already participate and a few major projects will be announced shortly.

Here's a video from TVA that gives detailed information on the program.

Find more details about Generation Partners, including the application process and documents, at near the bottom of the page.

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