Monday, October 4, 2010

Preparations Continue for Smart Grid Demo

With the Memphis City Council’s recent approval of the primary contract for MLGW’s Smart Grid Demonstration, work continues on the 1,000-meter project which will demonstrate the operational, customer service and consumer benefits of digital technology.

New electric smart meters are currently being manufactured to MLGW’s specifications. Those meters will be delivered in late 2010 and then installed at the homes of selected volunteers. (All volunteers have received notification regarding their participation status.) Half of the volunteers will also receive an In-Home Display, a digital device that will show real-time electricity usage information, as well as trends and cost projections based on usage throughout the billing period.

MLGW’s programming staff is developing applications that will receive and store the time-based meter readings, which will be collected daily. This data will be used for billing and also for participants to view their time-based information online through a new component that will be added to My Account in January 2011.

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