Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Winter Forecast for Natural Gas Prices

Channel 3 is doing a story tonight on the forecast for winter natural gas prices. Here are some things to keep in mind:

• At this point, market gas prices are anticipated to be about the same as last winter, or maybe even a little lower.

• This is mainly due to very healthy supplies, no disruptions to supply.

• Industrial demand/usage is down due to the economy.

• MLGW helps to keep prices down by purchasing a portion of its winter gas needs during the summer when prices are traditionally lower.

• MLGW also fills its storage facilities in Kentucky and Louisiana during the summer. We can then draw upon these supplies during the coldest days of winter so we’re less reliant on market prices when they are at their highest.

• Weather and consumption remain the biggest drivers of a customer’s bill. An extremely cold winter could cause a spike in gas prices.

• Have your heating system checked out by a licensed professional.

• Check your home for areas where you are losing energy and address them.

• Customers can call MLGW at 820-7878 to schedule a pilot light inspection. Between now and Oct. 5, the service is free.

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