Thursday, September 16, 2010

Getting a ‘Live’ Customer Service Rep

Our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) phone system is designed to give quick and easy automated access to certain MLGW programs and services. However, we understand you may want to speak to a customer service representative. Here are some tips to use when calling MLGW Customer Service:

• Call (901) 544-6549 for billing, payment arrangements and payment issues.

• Call (901) 820-7878 for services (start/stop/transfer), trouble calls and pilot safety inspections.

• For non-emergency calls, Press 1 for English or Press 3 for Spanish and then Press 2. Then listen closely to menus.

• Listen to each menu option. Press 9 to hear menu options again.

• Select menu option that most closely matches your need. Almost every prompt in the IVR can transfer you to a live agent.

• Majority of IVR menus will present “Press Zero to speak to a customer service representative” on the second pass through the menu.

• Invalid prompt selections create an error and transfer you to end of the queue with longer wait times and improper categorization of the reason you’re calling.


Michelle Custodio said...

It is truly better to talk to a real person so you can explain your thoughts or questions properly. Customers deserve an explanation or complete assistance. A business will be able to maintain the quality of their services and most importantly, their reputation if they get a good live operator answering service provider to help them.

Jason Norin said...

Being able to address your customers' concerns are equally important as having your own 1800 Number.

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