Monday, August 16, 2010

When the Heat Wave Ends

Once the temperatures come down a bit, you may wonder what MLGW’s plans are for the end of our heat-related moratorium on cut-offs. Here are some key points:

• Throughout the heat wave, MLGW has continued to have a heat-related moratorium on cutoffs when the heat index has been forecast to be 100 or more (95 degrees for senior, handicapped and life support customers).

• Recognizing that the recent weather-related moratoriums and high energy usage this summer could result in higher bills for customers, MLGW has expanded its bill payment options.

• From now until September 17, MLGW will lower the dollar limit of money owed to qualify for the deferred payment plan from $500 to $225.

• During this time, MLGW will also relax the minimum initial payment required to get into the deferred payment plan to 25 percent of the outstanding balance owed or $225, whichever is less.

• In addition, MLGW is offering to change a residential customer’s bill due date to match up with their social security, disability, government assistance, or pension checks. You must be on a fixed income in order to do this.

• We are encouraging customers to pay what they can during this time in order to keep their overall bill as low as possible and also keep any potential payment plan more manageable.

• MLGW is doing what it can to assist customers during this heat, including the heat moratoriums, special payment plans, and even going door to door to check on customers.

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