Thursday, July 29, 2010

Save Big

In case you missed it, WREG ran a great story called Save Big On Your Utility Bill that includes information from our Energy Doctors and details our energy audits. Here's the transcript...

Wasted energy could be costing you big each month on your utility bill. MLGW offers free audits to customers year round. The audit could help you cut your energy costs in half .

(Memphis 7/15/2010) For most of us the high temperatures mean higher utility
bills, but MLGW says you may be paying a lot more than you have to.

A simple inspection could show you how much energy you're wasting each month and what you can do about it.

The owner of a two story 3,000 square foot home in southeast Memphis wanted to know why her utility bills were as high as $500 dollars a month during the winter and well over $200 this summer.

It didn't take long Thursday for a MLGW energy inspector to locate some of the problems.

"This piece of paper passing underneath(your door) shows that air infiltration is a big problem," said Victoria Lamberty.

She found leaks underneath at least two exteriors doors and the front window.

The solution, though, is an easy fix.

"All you need to fix that is a simple bead of caulk and that will hold your utilities in your home," said Lamberty.

The energy technician also discovered the water heater was on an extra hot setting.

She adjusted it to the recommended setting-- with some good news for the homeowner.

"You will immediately see savings on your bill," said Lamberty.

The biggest waste of energy in the home was in the attic where the auditor discovered major leaks around the duct work that connects the heating and cooling system to the rest of the house.

"She's cooling the attic," said Lamberty.

The cost to repair it, though, just 15 bucks.

"Using a caulking product you can do it yourself with a paint brush," said Lamberty.

MLGW energy experts say another way to cut costs during the summer months is to set your thermostat at 78 degrees or higher and use fans.

They also recommend that you turn you air conditioning unit off at least
four hours a day.

"That way you have monitored times when you know your meter is not turning. If you can do that you know know you will be saving energy," said Lamberty.

Your heating , cooling and hot water account for 75% of your energy costs.

Thanks to the audit this homeowner could cut her utility bill in half.

If you would like a free energy audit you can contact MLGW at 528-4188 or you can perform your own energy audit online at

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