Thursday, January 14, 2010

Water Reliability

You may have heard about the downtown flooding in Nashville, so I thought I'd update you on the state of our own water mains. As of now, we have had 117 main breaks due to the freezing weather.

For comparison here are our historical figures for the entire month of January:

2009 - 96
2008 - 135
2007 - 70

We have a total of 16 crews that are available to work and they are called in as needed. Through this severe cold spell, many of them have been working up to 14-hour shifts to do these repairs . Overnight, we generally have 1-2 crews working, but over the weekend we had 5 crews working at night due to the large number of water main breaks.

We repair all main breaks as they are reported to us. Most of the "main breaks" as reported on the news over the past few days have actually been customer property service leaks that we do not repair (anything from the meter to the customer is their responsibility).

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