Monday, November 2, 2009

The CA's New Going Green Digital Edition

Not to be outdone by Nashville, the CA announced its new digital only Going Green Edition in yesterday's print edition of the paper. Individual articles can't be linked, unfortunately, but give it a peek.

The CA focuses on ‘Going Green’ for environment
Digital-only edition debuts today with eco-friendly tips

Beginning today CA Media is adding a new section to the digital edition of The Commercial Appeal. For three months only, both Going Green and the digital edition will be available at no charge.

A digital edition targeted toward readers interested in ways they can live a little lighter on the earth, Going Green can be found at

In line with the Green theme this section is not delivered as ink-on-paper. No need to recycle this one. Instead, Going Green content will be formatted for reading on an e-reader (like Kindle or Sony reader), a laptop, or a desktop computer. The design will carry the aesthetic feel of print, with headlines, text and photos that unfold in columns and pages. Content will be designed to be read in story form, not to be searched like a Web site.

“Going Green is CA Media’s first venture into a hybrid print-and-digital publication and one of the first such experiments in the country,’’ said Chris Peck, editor of The Commercial Appeal. “So we’re really excited about this new section. We think it will be a hit with readers and will help our newspaper learn more about how to develop a print-and-digital subscription model for our content.’’

Scott Sines, managing editor of The Commercial Appeal, developed most of the content and worked out many of the delivery details. “Subscribers who get our newspaper’s regular ink-on-paper sections every Sunday will also receive Going Green as a digitally delivered, story-based section accessible by password on any Internet-connected computer or e-reader,” Sines explained.

Sines said content for Going Green’ will focus on four areas: Home and Garden, Transportation, Sustainable Living and Earning and Spending Green. Each week, the Going Green section will feature efforts by local people trying to live greener but will also include national and international trends to provide more information and context.

Today’s first edition, Home and Garden, contains two main topics: Green ways to stay warm during the coming cold months and some things you need to know about composting fall yard waste. The Home section contains several local stories on ways to weatherize your house including information on energy audits, how to do it yourself, or how to find a contractor to do the work for you. There are tips on easy ways to reduce your utility bills, how to qualify for tax credits and the latest news about solar panels.

The Garden section is all about how to recycle your household and yard waste in ways that produces rich soil for next year’s vegetables, flower beds and perennials. It includes tips on building your own compost bin and what you should put in it. It includes a local column recounting personal adventures, or in this case, misadventures in Going Green.

The rest of the section is filled with useful information including The Green Page, which contains information on Green events and groups, syndicated columns and a profile of a local gardener you might even know.

Please take a look and let us know what you think. You can e-mail Sines at sines@commercial or section editor Roland Klose at klose@commercial

Next Sunday’s edition will be devoted to fuel efficiency and transportation under the new rules passed by Congress and signed into law by the Obama administration.

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