Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pumpkin Face

Carved your pumpkin yet? Why not personalize it with your face? (Or someone else's!) Pumpkins are more environmentally friendly than plastic decorations. (If you have them try and use them over and over and over again!)

AP Photo/Chitose Suzuki

Directions, by way of Planet Green and Instructables...

1. Find your photo.
2. Adjust the brightness/contrast on your computer so make the edges very solid and clear.
3. Print out the picture. (Try to use recycled paper or scrap paper)
4. Start carving! Tape your pattern to the pumpkin. (And please, try to find organically grown pumpkins!)
5. Cut out all that is white.
6. Shave down all that is gray.
7. Leave all that is black.
8. Empty the inside.
9. Light it up by placing a candle inside.
10. Enjoy!

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