Friday, September 25, 2009

Park Your Car on the Lawn

Park your car on the lawn the next time you wash it and kill two birds with one stone. (That way you are watering lawn and preventing runoff water from entering storm drain.) Not that anyone's lawn needs much watering after the last two weeks!

Here are some other eco-friendly car washing tips, compliments of our friends at Dominion Energy.

* Choose a biodegradable soap.

* Swap out the paper towels and use re-useable microfiber towels.

* Make sure your hose has an automatic shut off valve so you are not wasting water. Better yet, try the waterless car wash spray.

* Wash during the morning or evening, avoid the direct sunlight so you don’t get water spots and prevents evaporation.

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Dianne Grover said...

These are great information in maintaining the good condition of our vehicles and protecting the environment at the same time. Another helpful measure in doing so is bringing our cars to
steam wash Aspen CO (for example), which is also effective in saving water. Thanks for sharing.

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