Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Living Wall Art/Ad

PNC financial in downtown Pitssburgh recently created the world's largest living wall. Part art, part ad, it's rad.


The 2,380 sq foot living wall is soil based and includes many regional plants, all acquired locally within 500 miles of downtown Pittsburgh. The living wall system, which is made up of 602 2×2 ft square panels, is anchored directly into the reinforced concrete masonry on the south facing wall. Cenkner Engineering Associates of Coraopolis, PA and BD&E Strategic Branding and Design of Pittsburgh provided engineering and additional design. So far, the panels are reducing the temperature of the building, with preliminary studies showing that the wall behind the panels is 25% cooler than ambient temperatures.

Watering of the living wall is expected to be minimal, with 15 minutes of watering per week via an internally controlled irrigation system, and when fully saturated, the wall will weigh 24 tons. The 8 varieties of plants are actually evergreen, meaning they should remain green throughout the year with some even flowering in the spring. In addition to their living wall, PNC recently completed a new park around the corner full of drought resistant plants and has many LEED certified branch locations throughout the US. They may be a big corporate business, but they definitely know how to do good green design.

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