Thursday, September 10, 2009

Energy Kits for Procrastinators

TVA announced they have extended the deadline for residential customers to qualify for a free energy kit. The deadline has been moved to 3/31/2010. More than 14,000 MLGW customers have qualified through My Account so far, with an unknown number using other methods.

You can qualify for their free energy kit by registering for "My Account" at, login and complete the "Home Profile" and "My Appliances" question sets under the "Home Energy Center tab." You will automatically receive a kit at your home address within 2-3 weeks.

The free TVA kit contains:
* Filter whistle that sounds when the heating or cooling system filter is 80 percent clogged and needs to be changed

* Outlet and light switch gaskets - insulation to help stop drafts and save energy

* Faucet aerators (two) - water-saving filters that improve efficiency

* Hot water temperature card that measures temperature of hot tap water and indicates if thermostat adjustment is needed to save money and prevent water scalds

* Energy use thermometer gauge that helps check energy costs for heating and cooling. Each degree thermostats are set back eight hours a day can reduce heating bills by as much as 3 percent, and up to 5 percent on cooling bills.

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