Monday, August 3, 2009

City Raises Storm Water and Sewer Fees

The Storm Water Fee for the City of Memphis increased .34 cents effective July 31, 2009. The new base Storm Water Fee will be $3.64 per SFU (Single Family Unit). Apartment dwellers will notice a .14 cent increase and condo/townhouse dwellers will see a .19 cent increase. Please direct questions to the City's Storm Water department at 576-4349.

The Sewer Rate for the City of Memphis increased to $0.7876 per ccf. The Minimum and Maximum Charges for a Residential Customer will remain $2.50 and $18.00 respectively. Direct questions to the City's Sewer department at 576-6757.

All of the City/County fee phone numbers and information are also included on the back of MLGW bills.


bcooper5 said...

It would be nice to be able to get discounts on storm water by having rain gardens and rain barrels.

MLGW said...

It would be nice! Give the City's storm water folks a call and suggest it! 576-4349

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