Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Free Compost for Sushi Lovers

As part of their efforts to become a more eco-friendly restaurant, Sekisui started saving all of their vegetable food prep scraps a few months ago. It was sent to an off site location to be turned into compost. They now have about 100 gallons of compost to offer to their customers for free!

On Thursday afternoon, July 30th, approximately 20 five gallon buckets of compost will be delivered to Sekisui Midtown. It's absolutely free. You can take it home and use it to fertilize your garden. Keep the five gallon bucket if you want or rinse it out and bring it back to Sekisui Midtown and they will reuse it.

Please, only one bucket per customer. They've already had many requests from customers and want as many people as possible to get some.

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