Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fresh Faces

MLGW Prepares Local Youth to Join Workforce

MLGW has five different groups of youth workers here this summer. Memphis Challenge sent us 16 students.

Messick High School also sent 16 students as a part of the Workforce Investment Network (WIN). This is an 11 week program for students who have completed high school or received their GED. It exposes them to the workplace and prepares them for future employment. Southwest Tennessee Community College also sent 10 students as a part of the WIN program, who will be working with the Residential Services department on several of MLGW's energy conservation efforts.

We also requested 20 students from the Mayor's Summer Youth Program. Students chosen for MLGW will have new hire training on June 8. And finally, we have a MLGW Co-Op/Summer Intern Program that is employing 11 students.

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