Sunday, May 31, 2009

.25 Cent Bus Rides Monday!

Monday, June 1 has been forecast to be an Ozone Action Day by the Memphis-Shelby County Health Department, which means there are .25 cent MATA bus and trolley rides all day on Monday.

A code orange means the ozone levels in our air is unhealthy for sensitive groups, this includes children and people who are physically active outdoors.

Ozone exposure:

· Irritates your respiratory system

· Reduces lung function

· Aggravates or causes asthma

· Inflames & damage lining of lungs

· Aggravates chronic lung diseases

· Causes permanent lung disease

· Initial symptoms include: Coughing, labored breathing, irritated throat & chest, asthma attacks and respiratory infections

Please take action to improve Shelby County’s air. Share this information with your co-workers and organizations. For route information visit


bcooper5 said...

I thought this was only for the month of May?

MLGW said...

Looks like they extended it! Maybe because there were no alert days in May?

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