Monday, May 4, 2009

Memphis in May Means to be Green

OK, I admit it. I'm one of those Memphians that does not like Music Fest. But, I do like BBQ Fest, which is why today was the first day that I picked up a Memphis in May brochure.

The thing that caught my eye most was the page devoted to detailing the festival's efforts to go green this year. I knew that they bought Green Power Switch credits last year, but I didn't know that they had gone beyond that.

This year, according to the brochure, they once again bought Green Power Switch credits, but they also implemented festival wide recycling of cardboard, cooking oil, aluminum and plastic. They also required vendors to use recyclable or biodegradable food service items.


So tell me, those of you who braved the rain, did you see any recycle bins? Were they being used properly? What about styrofoam? Did you see any of that?

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