Friday, May 8, 2009

Green BBQ

Yesterday we filmed a segment on Project Green Fork for our TV show, Memphis Energized. Central BBQ is the latest restaurant to be certified, so we featured them. (Yes, BBQ nachos had something to do with that decision!)

One of the certification requirements is to have an MLGW energy audit done. (This service is offered free of charge to all residential and commercial customers.) Our technician found many areas for improvement at Central BBQ and he was happy to see yesterday that they had made all of his recommended changes.

It was also fun to see the real life manifestation of the other Green Fork requirements. Below you will see Margot McNeeley, the Executive Director of PGF, and Elizabeth, part-owner of Central BBQ, showing off the compost bin that provides compost to GrowMemphis for their community gardens, their recycling bins for aluminum and plastic, their cardboard recycling area, the used grease that is picked up and turned into biodiesel fuel, and their new styrofoam free, compostable to-go containers.

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