Friday, April 24, 2009

Solar Power in Memphis

Yesterday, there was a really positive article about solar generation in the Commercial Appeal (Rays-ing the roof). Soo-Tsong Lim received the TN Clean Energy Tech grant and, based on that and a federal tax credit, decided to install solar panels on the roof of his business in Millington.

One of the web comments to the article references TVA Generation Partners. Our own Becky Williamson provided some clarification on this:

Yes, TVA still offers its Generation Partners program, which is available to customers of MLGW and other participating electric distributors. The program will be changing this summer, when TVA releases a new version, but the general conditions are: customer funds solar generation system, MLGW installs a second generation meter to measure output, customers consumes all solar power onsite (except for moments when solar output is higher than facility load, at which point excess is sent to MLGW's grid), and then MLGW bills customer and applies the Generation Partners credit for each kilowatt-hour of solar power produced.

For more details, email and indicate whether you are seeking information on residential, small business or large business installations.

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