Monday, April 13, 2009

Rate Decrease Info

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Get ready for a change in your monthly power bill. In the coming months MLGW customers will be paying less for power compared to the first quarter of 2009.

MLGW spokesperson Chris Stanley says it's the second time this year the TVA saw a reduction in fuel costs.

"Last year that number went up about 20 percent. This year it's dropped about 13 percent, so we're really glad about that," Stanley said. "Hope those decreases continue."

You can monitor how much your saving on the portion of your bill that reads TVA fuel cost adjustment. "That's their cost to purchase power," Stanley said. "Their cost to purchase power has lowered recently, therefore we're seeing that difference on the bill."

Even before the recent rate adjustment, MLGW rates were still some of the cheapest nationwide. A new study on winter rates ranks Memphis at no. 9 among the most affordable utility rates in the country. But Stanley says MLGW customers are the worst when it comes to conserving energy. "Tennesseans use the most amount of electricity per capita of any state in the country," he said.

The five to six dollar a month savings you'll see soon could grow, depending on how much power you use. "You may see a lower bill than even that five to six dollars a month, and even lower than that if you use less energy," Stanley said. "We're into spring time now, a time where you can open windows when you don't have to run the heat or air as much."

Stanley said customers should take advantage of the changing season and be conscious about conserving energy year round.

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